Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not inspired enough yet? Here's more....

Bobbin Lace on the End of a Towel by Marsha makes a wonderful Gift at less than 1/4th of the cost.

Weave the fabric, embellish and you have a Bag!

Ordinary Flip-Flops become designer  shoes....

Reverse Applique can be used for jackets, table-runners and quilts....Easily done with machine Embroidery.

Start with an embroidery and break it up to create new ones....put them all together and voila a beautiful quilt top....

Add some Trim with sparkle too....
 More Embellishing with beaded trims, crystals

 Use an embroidery for towel toppers as a "FROG" closure on a jacket and then again on the back as an embellishment.

 More ruffles with the ruffler, with piping on the edges.  Embroidery down the middle....

Use the Texture Hoop to line up ribbons, embroider and magically create a FUN pillow.

Embroidered Bag with Embellishments

Dinky Babies to the rescue!

More Bags-----piping, pleats, embellishments and of course embroidery

Pincushion Anyone?

Take a Blank Shawl, Embellish and Save LOTS of Money!

What a WONDERFUL Day of samples, information and Inspiration!  Thanks again Marsha!

More and More and More....great ideas from Marsha

Linen is not just for shirts - Free Standing lace, embellished with crystals, beads and twin needle work on the back....Great purse Marsha! 
Princess Embossing....And Stars!

A little embossing can really make a little minky jacket as cute as the child it is made for.

 Twin Needles and Ruffles for Snap Happy purses....Too Cute!

 Texture Magic and Ruffles

Texture Magic makes a fun texture at the top of the dress and the pocket.  Add Some Ruffles at the bottom with the Ruffler Foot too!  Of Course!

Piping, Embroidery Pearls and some trim for a little girls Corduroy jacket.....Cute!

Diana turning a tube inside out with the tube turner.

Linen Embroidery always needs embellishment....right?

Go Baby Die Cuts can really make a fun pillow, table topper and quilt go very fast and look very traditional.

Vinyl (fake leather) is ugly without embellishment.  Look what Marsha did – 
embroidered to give it a couture look!